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Why Resell Nobrecar?

By becoming a Nobrecar reseller, you join a network of success, with access to nationally awarded products and unparalleled support.

High-Quality Products

Offer your customers excellence in Automotive, Nautical and Aeronautical Aesthetics with Nobrecar products, including the best polishing paste in Brazil since 2018

Technical Support and Training

Benefit from comprehensive technical support and regular training to ensure that you and your team are always up to date with industry best practices and innovations.

Promotional Material and Marketing

Receive high-quality promotional materials and marketing support to attract more customers and showcase your products in the market.

Attractive Profit Margin

Take advantage of the excellent profit margins offered by Nobrecar, allowing you to grow your business sustainably and profitably.

Guaranteed Buyback

We have an unwavering commitment to quality, which allows us to offer a unique guarantee: the certainty that your customers will be enthusiastic to make new purchases repeatedly.

Brand Recognition

Associate with a respected and well-established brand in the market, strengthening the trust of your customers and boosting your sales.

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  • Advanced Technology
  • Easy Handling and Application
  • QR Code informativo dos produtos no rĂ³tulo" translates to "Informative QR Code on the Label of the Products
  • Technical Support
  • A brand that works with humility and simplicity, with determined and executed purposes

  • Sales Training for Retailers
  • Product Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Appreciation and Honor for Resellers
  • Practical, customized, and durable packaging

  • Open access to all departments and to the CEO of the company
  • On-site events and digital events
  • Access the automotive, nautical, and aeronautical segments

How to Become a Nobrecar Reseller


Start your journey as a Nobrecar reseller with a simple step: fill out the registration form. This process is quick and straightforward, requesting basic information about you and your business so that we can move to the next step.


After the submission of your registration, our team will conduct a thorough internal analysis. This process includes the evaluation of your information and the consideration of how the partnership can be mutually beneficial.


Once the analysis is complete, we will get in touch to provide personalized feedback. Whether it's to welcome you to our network of resellers or to discuss potential challenges, our feedback is always geared towards your success.

Polishing Compound NO. 1 in Brazil

Our tireless pursuit of excellence in product quality has led us to develop the best polishing compound in the Brazilian market, an innovative product that stands out in technology and efficiency. This polishing compound is not just a product, but a complete solution for vehicle aesthetics, incorporating top-of-the-line hybrid microabrasives that intelligently adapt to the hardness of each surface. Thanks to this adaptability, it offers an unmatched level of cutting, ensuring a smooth, uniform, and flaw-free finish, raising the standard of quality in polishing.

Massa de polir NC Technology
Logo Nobrecar

The Nobrecar

Founded in 2007 in the city of Blumenau/SC, Nobre Online is an industry specialized in the production, development, and commercialization of products for automotive, nautical, and aeronautical aesthetics.

From its foundation until 2014, it focused on marketing products from other brands, and in the same year, it founded the Nobrecar Full Detailer Products brand, its own line of products. It has in its DNA the qualities of being Brazilian, the expertise of global trends, and an insatiable hunger for innovation and excellence. It provides its customers and partners with the latest and most advanced automotive, nautical, and aeronautical detailing and care products. It operates with safety in the use of its products, where all users have technical consultants at their disposal for more information.

Identifying the need for training professionals in the field of aesthetics, Nobre Cursos was born in 2012, which in 2022 changed its name to NC Detailer Academy International. It has already trained over a thousand professionals, a specialized network of resellers accredited by the brand, and technical consultancy.

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